Monday, 14 June 2010


Chapter six is finally finished. 5659 words which is about spot on. When I go through and do a rough edit it will probably grow a few hundred words as I leave out a lot of description first time through, especially during dialogue.

This makes the grand running total of 'Felt's Theorem' 34681 words at the end of chapter six with seven chapters left to go (in theory anyway, it may end up being more or less. Probably more in which case I shall have to mess about so there are still the correct amount at the end.) Shrew has been quite amenable to me doing stuff over the past few days. If only there wasn't the kitchen to do, books to review, and a million things in the house that need done as well I would have done a lot more. I am, of course, adept at ignoring everything around me but I am trying to not to utilise that skill too much at the moment.

The weird thing about C6 is it didn't do any of the things I had written down for it. The original plan was for X to meet some men that would put him on the trail of A PLACE then go back home to unravel MYSTERIOUS DOINGS after visiting THE SHOPS.

In the end this didn't make sense. X met some men and from there I thought he would just go straight to visiting A PLACE and things would be found out.

Once things were found out he would go shopping and do some unravelling. In the end the chapter finished with X outside A PLACE due to me having him dither about in town trying to decide which door to use. Which I know sounds like a ridiculous thing to spend time on, which door, but it is plot relevant and gave me an excellent pay off line for the chapter so it was all worth it. Plus, it will hopefully leave the reader desperate to find out just what goes on in A PLACE. And I will tell them.

The telling was the fun bit I mentioned before that I wanted to write and had intended to go in the next chapter but moved forward to C6 in a moment of vexedness. It was the right decision as changing the order of events has made things work but I am oddly happy that events in A PLACE will still be in C7 as that's what it says in the chapter guide so everything is right and proper.

This post probably made sense to no one but me.

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