Thursday, 3 November 2011

Movember (don't tell the wife)

One of the reasons, my beloved and lovely wife married me is because I look like a girl. I have long, flowing locks, snaky hips and skinny legs. I'm the sort of chap that regularly gets called Miss and on a number of memorable occasions I've sent the type of men who like to 'brush up' against women home doubting their sexuality.
I even, in the words of the immortal Tom Baker, have 'women's hands' (leading to a strange occurrence where a "pyschic medium" told me I was the sort of young lady who would be getting married soon).
Now, I have always wanted a moustache, the twizzled type that adds an air of raffish nefariousness to the wearer. Obviously, my beloved isn't in favour of this as it cuts down on my girliness. There's also the fact that I'm pretty hopeless at facial hair and end up looking like a thirteen year old trying to con his way into a nightclub. She's not a fan of that look either.
Not even Movember and the thought of 'charidee' could sway my beloved on the moustache thing.
However, I have decided to try for a 'stealth moustache'. For every day I get away with it I will donate one English pound to charity. It'd be quite nice if you did the same (why not commit in the comments?). The odds of you having to donate over a tenner are pretty low as this experiment ends the minute she asks me to shave it off. But here's hoping, maybe this year I will get my nefarious twirly 'tache.

Currently, we are on day three. you can follow more regular updates on Twitter @dedbutdrmng

P.S. Here is the Movember site if you want to do something official. -


  1. I'm not shaving this off to start again. Instead I'm sponsoring any of my chums who do, and in aid of the Movember charities because my dad died with prostate cancer last year and that's what they're fundraising for.

    So let me know how far you get. I take it the wifely duties don't extend to reading your blog?

  2. @Henry. no, thankfully she is far too busy though she does check facebook now and again so I can't put this up there.