Saturday, 31 December 2011

CAUTION: May Contain Controversy.

I was thinking about how to increase blog traffic past here for the new year, so more people would get to read my stuff, or the first three paragraphs anyway. To be honest, I sort of failed at that idea but I did have one idea, I will CREATE AN INTERNET CONTROVERSY!

My plan is to say something totally outlandish and awful, possibly racist, possibly sexist that will make people come in their droves to flame me and possibly read a bit of fiction.

If I had any sort of profile this could backfire but I don't really so I figured why not give it a go. So here we go.

Are you ready?


You'd better sit down.

Get your flaming hat on.

Next sentence, I promise.

I once met a Chinese man I didn't like!*

There! See! Flame on, pass around the link to others so they can come and be appalled.

*Though I have to admit when I worked with him I liked him fine. In fact, we sat together for ages and used to have a right old laugh. I only went off him a after he left where we worked when he was arrested, and found guilty of a double murder and described by the judge as a 'remorseless and evil young man.' Then he came right off my Christmas card list.

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