Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I am wrtin a buk.

I blogged off and on whilst I was writing 'Felt's Theorem' and found it a good way of nudging me along so thought I would do the same with this one. Unlike Felt which was based around a 'big concept' this one is based around 'lots of explosions' and was intended to be dumb fun. It is getting a bit more thoughtful than I intended - but not much.

Currently it stands at 30'000 words, it's Space Opera, I suppose. The loose premise is that 400 years ago Aliens made first contact with Earth. 300 years ago second contact was made and Earth destroyed. Now the remnants of humanity are indentured workers, serving as army or ambassadors to the 'Conclave' a technologically advanced alliance of various species, to earn a planet of their own. We join the crew of the salvage ship 'Birth of Khalsa' as they make a discovery that someone in the conclave wants hidden. Cue havoc, intergalactic war etc.

I think, the central theme is what makes us, us? Maybe. That might change.

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