Friday, 30 March 2012


The Austeritos Gruellery


Standard gruel, like your great grandmother was forced to eat.

Gruel, Southern style:
Like standard gruel, but more expensive.

The gruel which never decays

Black Velvet Gruel:
Standard gruel with a topping of delicious furry mould.

Aged Gruel:
From our hearts, to the bottom of the barrel, to you.

Luxury Gruel Meal:
A mixture of all our gruels served with a slice of bread*.

Tell your server whether you'd like your gruel served luke-warm or tepid.


Cold Gruel.
Frozen Gruel (only available in winter or when the temperature drops below 0C.)


Rain Water. A cheeky number with delicate hints of mosquito larva.
Warm Rain Water. (only available when the temperature has climbed above 20c on three or more consecutive days. Suitable for those with a strong constitution.)

*Bread may contain rocks.

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