Friday, 18 May 2012

Boy's Room.

A rook, cos that's his name and a dapper fox dragging a skull about. What every kid needs.

A ladybird, one of many insects hiding, a mushroom and an elephant who is unhappy because he believes his trunk is Mundane

Beneath a tree in the land of Jangly,
An aardvark sat (he was not angry)
He was instead morose, so sad
He'd lost the best thing he ever had.
'Oh me, oh my what, terrible luck,
That this aardvark should lose his suck.'

Another Rook and a snail.
All illustrations were by my lovely and talented wife.


  1. VERY cool.


  2. That looks amazing! Your Lovely Wife is so talented! :)

  3. Absolutely cool... compliments to the other half on the illuminations she gave the place!