Friday, 15 June 2012

Poem - Around the World in 730 Days.

Around the World in 730 Days.

I bought a globe.
To make the journeys in my head
I never can in my body
Dr Fingertip I presume?
Lost in darkest Africa,

(You can't say that now but the globe is an antique.
so I'm not being racist, it's historical.
Which makes everything fine.
Excusing the atrocities of Empire with a jolly wave
'All that's past now'.)

The Earth is smooth beneath my hand
Not fractious or lumpy
Spins easily
If you apply a little oil.

Or it would
If I had a globe
I don't
The toddler would break it anyway
He doesn't think of the consequences when he acts
The boy is two now
He is an excellent little metaphor.

I love him.

But I wish I had a globe.
Instead, I imagine, imaginary journeys
Across a smooth paper sea.
To lands I will never visit.

Again this is written the same way as the last one following the path of the words. It's just written so I have no real opinion of it. I like the bit about the world being flat below my hand though.

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