Monday, 10 May 2010

The Baseline

This is the position this blog starts at. This is to avoid weaselling on my part. There'll be little writing at the weekends but hopefully something done each weekday (even if it's only a tiny bit). Though that won't always be the case but no doubt I shall offer up pathetic excuses at the time they are relevant.

So. we are up to chapter six. At the end of chapter five the wordcount stood at:-

(Drum roll)



Chapter Six currently stands at...

(Drum Roll)


That's actually considerably shorter than the other chapters but I'm only halfway through.

When I'm writing I have developed my own little system. If you're interested? I'll presume you are. Actually, I'd just like to note here that it's quite fun to realise pretty much no-one is reading this. I talk to myself all the time and now I type to myself as well. But that's a digression.

System, RJ, tell yourself about the system.

I have three documents open. The Chapter I'm working on, of course. the Feltipedia which is an attempt to note down all the stuff, things and people that occur in the world (I'm doing pitifully at keeping this up and if I am keeping up to it it's usually an act of procrastination. So it's good that I'm doing pitifully, sort of.) I also have the chapter guide which is my anti-procrastination tool. It has a 'stuff that needs done'(STND) column. In that column I put, well, stuff that needs done.

What the STND column means is I have no excuse to stop just because I can't quite work out, say, the architecture of the setting. I can, quite comfortably, dither about such things for weeks but now I just put WHERE IS THIS???? in the text and a note in the STND column and move on. Stuff comes naturally when it's right and the delightful Rookmother and Mr. M have offered their map drawing services (The Rookmother has already done the house in the story which helped enormously) so I can add directions in later.

I have no excuse not to write.


Except the baby.

And illness.

And the books I have to review.

But I'm sure I can write around those things.


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