Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Status Report. Tues May 11th.

Times urinated on - 0 (The Rookmother had that honour today.)
Times vomited on - 1
Other - 0
Times The Shrew seems to have fallen asleep so you have very carefully put him to bed and then picked up the computer to try and get something done and he has immediately started screaming - 6
Cups of Coffee drunk - 3 (all needed reheating)
Cups of Tea - 0
Food confused - 1 Croissant and a few Cheese and Onion Chutney Flavoured crisps.
Odd Jobs done - 1 (I finally got all the cables around the TV into those cable tidy things as they had been irritating me intensely. This was an important task. YES IT WAS.)

Words - 2

FYI. Rook is variously known as: Rooksley, The Shrew, Shrewby, Child, Tiny, The Small and infinite variations of all of the above.

Dentist tomorrow. May get some more writing done in the small hours.

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