Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Status Report. Wed 12th May.

Times urinated on - 0 (Hurrah.)
Times vomited on - 2 (boo)
Other - 0
Times The Shrew seems to have fallen asleep so you have very carefully put him to bed and then picked up the computer to try and get something done and he has immediately started screaming - 4 (he has a cold so we'll let him off.)
Cups of Coffee drunk - 2 (all needed reheating)
Cups of Tea - 0
Food consumed - 1 A cheap pepperoni pizza that made me feel sick.
Odd Jobs done - 1 (If visiting the dentist for a filling counts. Orw my mouf.)

Words - 365. (Mostly dialogue so it looks like more words than it is.)

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