Sunday, 16 May 2010

Days of Whine and noses. (Runny noses, that is)

It's a law of physics that you can't get out any more than you put into something. What this law really proves is that Physicists don't change nappies.


I have had a horrid cold and I bloody well HATE chapter six.

I know conventional wisdom would say that in that case I should just skip on to chapter seven and come back to chapter six when I can cope with its hatefullness but I don't hold no truck with that. Well, actually I would really like to do that but the nature of FT won't let me and chapter six is a sort of keystone chapter as it's the one in which...

Ah. Hang on. Problem here. This is a writing diary and of course I will want to, occasionally, mention what it is I am trying to achieve but I also don't want to give anything away and that would be a very easy thing to do. So, I must come up with a system. You've got to have a system. So I shall explain the system now. It is based on the Alphabet.

Character X. This is the main character.
Character Y. This is whatever Character that X is interacting with at the time.
Character Z. This is another Character that X is interacting with that isn't character Y when Y is already in play.

Y and Z are never set. Make sense. No? Good. It's not really meant to.

Also there's the AbeeCDees. These are a chorus of minor to important characters that are looking on but not directly involved in the action at that particular time. Although ABCD's may become Z's and Y's and vice versa.

Confused? You will be, you will be... /yoda.

So back to why I can't skip Six. It's largely because six frames character Y. Y has been involved for while now but not really done much. Six introduces Y and does so through the eyes of X (the whole thing is first person through the eyes of X). What I am trying to do is above my current pay grade show you Y so you understand what X thinks of Y but also get enough information to make up your own mind as a reader what you think of Y, which may well be quite a different conclusion to the one X has drawn. Six also introduces a number of important plot points that will have a ripple effect through the book.

So I can't skip six as it may mean I create a rod for my own back later on.

All this stuff in six is really boring to write. I don't even get to kill anyone which everyone knows is the most fun bit of writing.

I thought I may also mention here what a good job it is that I am still typing to myself. If I was at the stage where I was imagining there was a huge audience who were hanging on my every word they may be wondering why I did not do anything on Thursday and Friday when I gave the clear implication I would fill this in every day. As I am still typing to myself I can skip the excuses and just say I have caught up a little.

Another 150 or so words done but it has been like getting blood from a stone.

A tired stone that has been vomited on twice.


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