Monday, 17 May 2010

Status Report. Mon 17th May.

Times urinated on - 1 (he also got the floor and Tweety Pete the magical bird toy that seems to stop all crying.)

Times vomited on - Mostly vomit free today.

Other - 0

Times The Shrew seems to have fallen asleep so I have very carefully put him to bed and then picked up the computer to try and get something done and he has immediately started screaming - 4

Cups of Coffee drunk - 3

Cups of Green Tea - 3

Food consumed - 1 X Fish and chips that were rather unpleasant.

Odd Jobs done - 1 (I had some blood taken ahead of my infusion of EXTREMELY STRONG DRUGS in a couple of weeks.)

Words - 272 (although they are not good but that's not important. The fact they are there is all that matters. Goodness can be added later.)

Level of dislike felt for chapter 6 - 8.3

My back hurts. The Shrew has started to smile though he has not quite worked out just what a devastating part of his armoury this skill has the potential to be. How do I say no to that?


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