Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I have been so ill. I'd forgotten how absolutely murderous flu actually is. I've still not eaten for the last two days and I don't feel hungry at all. So I have been thinking, when the mind-fug clears, anyway.

I'm at a point where I have a decision to make and I am in two minds. In the Novella there was, what is best described as, a 'Huge Reveal'. It came right at the end and changed everything that had gone before for the reader. And I think it worked reasonably well in the novella.

However, with something the length of a novel I'm wondering if it would leave the reader feeling cheated if they don't know of this earlier. At half way through I'm in a perfect place to reveal this thing and I kind of think I should. But if I do it and it's wrong it will probably mean a complete re-write from this point onwards. I think it's right. I will probably try and write the reveal scene by teh end of this week and see what I think.

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