Monday, 13 December 2010

Tum, tum ti tum..

Er. yes. There was a huge gap. I cannot help being flighty, inconsistent and most of all so unbearably tired it is untrue. However, the book is up to 69000 words and about two thirds of the way through. The child is crawling and generally getting into everything and (hopefully) just less than 1/80th of the way through.

He is currently learning about 'NO.' Much like his Father, he doesn't particularly like it and tends it ignore it completely and do what he wants anyway. Apparently leaving a bottle of Tabasco in one of the places he's not allowed to go and saying, 'NO' is bad fathering. Who'd have guessed?

List of things he likes.

Getting as near as possible to the marble fireplace.
Chewing wires. (Electric)
Sucking plugs.(Electric)
Hot drinks.
Anything above him that is heavy enough to crush his head.
Remote controls.
Plastic bags.
Mobile phones
Bits of fluff that he somehow seems to spontaneously generate from his mouth.
Cat litter.
Obsessed with my computer. Absolutely obsessed.

He has an uncanny knack of getting hold of either a remote control or the computer and finding a button that brings up a screen you've never seen before and can't get out of. I have no idea how, maybe all babies are electrical engineers by instinct.

Anyway. Short update. other stuff is going on that's quite interesting but I can't talk about yet. Soon.

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