Tuesday, 12 July 2011

At a loose end.

It's a weird feeling, finishing a novel that you think might be good. I mean, it's gone, subbed to the first agent on my list who will, probably, turn it down but it has been a huge part of my life for a long time. Dither about, dither on the book, dither about doing something else.
Not quite sure what to do now. I could start the next in the series (it's meant to be a trilogy) but the doubt monkey is in the back of my head saying – 'what if the agent comes back with an 'it's awful from the concept up? Shouldn't you wait a bit?' And I could, I have other stuff to mess about with. I had some books out in 2003 (that long?) that were described as a B-movie Douglas Adams and I have a novelization finished. I put it to one side 'cos I was sure it wasn't quite there. I could go and mess with that. Or do the complete reboot I was playing with for that series but I'm not sure my heart is in it at the moment. I'm completely off the boil for short stories and it's not something that really interests me just now (unless I have a startling idea). I do have a script to finish for a theatre so I'll do that. Maybe a couple of three minute sketches for the same people. And I'm going to a thing about scripwriting for Auntie Beeb at the weekend.
But there's a time hole where the book was. I think I shall fill it with daydreams and see what comes of it. Cos I know in the end I will be doing The NovelII as I enjoyed doing no 1 so much. It's just about waiting for the right way of approaching it to strike.
Sorry, this wasn't amusing or silly or anything

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