Tuesday, 3 January 2012


This is the opening Paragraph(s) of 'Felt's Theorem'.

Steam wreathes the lumpen crenellations of the Lead City.

Rising from the foundries and pump houses in the lowest tier, The Fifth, it mingles with eager vapour from the many boilers in the Fourth, Third, Second and First Tiers towering above. Smoky moisture wends through the City, it curls through barbed architecture and winding, gloomy, streets. It is caught in eddies at dead ends and spins itself into smoky wheels in an attempt to escape. Eventually, it ties itself in vertical knots around the battlements, spires and beaks of the Howling Lord's forbidding castle, Elbay. When finally free of the city it rises in a feathery plume that can be seen from far across the lakes of Alba in the counties of Umberland, Landsheer and Linksheer

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