Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thought Processes. 04Jan.

The Thought Processes of (an ill) Not Actually Quite Published Yet Novelist

1. It's 3.20am. Why is it 3.20am? Why am I 3.20am? My legs hurt.
2. It's 3.40am. Why is it 3.40am? Why am I 3.40am? My legs hurt and I feel sick.
3. I wonder who's on twitter.
4. It's 4.20am. Why is it 4.20am? Why am I 4.20am?
5. I give up. I shall get up and write.
6. All these words are rubbish.
7. ------------------------------
8. ------------------------------
9. Eh?
10.Should get the boy lunch.
12.I am quite tired.

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