Monday, 11 June 2012

Choose your own adventure 2

Having read the nonsense about some stupid choose your own adventure game you decide not to bother. Clearly, this is some sad and lonely fool crying out for attention. And really, Generia? Come on, it's not even very clever.

Mind made up you have breakfast and decide to go for a walk. Once outside you can't help but notice everyone is looking at you. A fair amount of them are sniggering. A boy in a hoodie cycles past on a beaten up BMX and shouts, 'nice pants!' at you. You think about shooting him with your bow, Shooty, but decide better of it, besides, the pouring rain would make your arrows slippery.

In horror, you realise it is to late, you are already playing the choose your own adventure game and worse, it doesn't start until tomorrow. You turn to go back home but the trees have closed around the path behind you. You have no choice but to go on into the suburbs and put up with the twitching of curtains and constant sniggering about your furry outfit. You try and find an inn but do not have enough money for a room at the Travelodge and they think you're a bit weird.

You wander about longing for a homeless shelter but they have all downsized due to lack of funding and do not have room. You get ready for a cold and damp night on the streets.

If you can roll a six you successfully mug a tramp and steal his sleeping bag.

***Childish nonsense postponed due to ill and small boy being asked to attend the northern ballet.***

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