Friday, 29 June 2012

A Dialogue

This was an idea that came to me during the crime writing thing. It was amazing how just spending a day with people who were interested in words started lots of stuff ticking off in my mind. Wish it happened more. Anyway, this is a straight onto the page thing. I hope it's a bit chilling.


'I don't know why I can't live with your brother. Your brother would treat me much better than you do.'

'He's in America, Mum.'

'Doing a proper job, earning money, not like you.'

'I'm looking after you, Jack and the kids, Mum.'

'You're not doing a very good job.'

'Here, Mum, take your pills.'

'I've already taken them.'

'No Mum, that was this morning's lot.'

'Oh, alright then. Why doesn't Alice come visit any more?'

'Alice died, Mum, a year ago.'

'I liked talking to Alice, I don't like talking to you.'

'What would you like for tea, Mum?'

'Are you cooking it?'

'Yes, Mum.'

'Oh dear.'

'Here, Mum, take your pills.'

'I've already taken them.'

'No Mum, Your memory's going, that was this morning's lot.'

'Oh alright then.'

'I'll just do you the same as the kids then, for tea?'

'Not mash, your mash is lumpy, makes me want to be sick. I don't know why Jack married you.'

'We're very happy.'

'He deserves better, look at you.'

I've got a lot on, Mum.'

I'm tired, Janice.'

'So am I, Mum.'

'I think, I think, I'll close my eyes for a bit. I. I can't think straight.'

'Neither can I, Mum. But Before you go to sleep, you need to take your pills.'

'I thought, I thought I'd already taken them.'

'No Mum, that was this morning's lot. But don't worry, these are the last ones. I love you, Mum.'

'Go away.'

'I love you, Mum.'

(Obviously, there are pacing issues here and it could probably do with a bit of slowing down but I think the idea comes across. If you have any thoughts I would love to hear them.)

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