Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Blue Danube.

Very quick, five minute sketch out of how I would start an Elite novel. If you've played the game it makes more sense.

Zella hadn't seen her father for five years and now she stood on the cold metal flooring of Lave docking bay and looked up at his legacy, the Cobra freighter 'Kali Yuga'. Her Father's letter had promised eight thousand credits but the streaks down the side of the Cobra's left side told of the damage that had been caused to the station when the rookie delivery pilot had brought it in without a docking computer.


He'd run of course, taken a Python out-system and left her with the bill.

So now she had a hundred credits a ship and a Father 'presumed dead' according to the comm saved to her data cuff. But when she read that, in her mind, she heard 'missing.'

She put her hand up to touch the smooth hull of the ship.

'Hang on Daddy,' she said, 'we're coming.'

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